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11/12/13 9:41 AM 

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Monday, 08 Nov 2010 


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Southeast Conference Welcomes Janet Weidler, Pastor of Pilgrim UCC, 

Pilgrim Congregational UCC, Birmingham has called Janet Weidler as their pastor 
to succeed Bud Precise who is retiring. Janet comes to us from Hendersonville, 
NC. Prior to that she had served as an intentional interim minister in Maine, and 
before that in Penn Northeast Conference. Janet was raised in Birmingham, as is 
excited by the vision and new possibilities that lie before Pilgrim Congregational 
UCC which has recently purchased, renovated, and moved into a new facility. 

Millard Fuller's Autobiography Available 

Many know Millard Fuller as the founder of Habitat for Humanity, and later the 
founder of the Fuller Center for Housing. However, too few know that Millard was 
raised in a United Church of Christ congregation, the Congregational Christian 
Church of Lanett, AL. He and his wife Linda went to the Congo as a missionaries 
under the auspices of what has become Global Mission Partnership of the United 
Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 
Millard often credited the United Church of Christ for opening 
his eyes to the world. The Fuller Center for Housing has just 
made available the autobiography of Millard's early life, Millard 
Fuller, Beyond the American Dream. Woven through this story 
are the names of people and places dear to the Southeast 
Conference. If you wish to order it, it is available from, or call 229.924.2900. You may also 
link here for flyer. Read the story of one of the sons of the 
Southeast Conference, and learn again how through him, the world has been 
touched and the lives of thousands changed. 

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Unified Governance receives 
approval of UCC boards. 
Executive Council 
Following a year of deliberation, 
including discernment and 
dialog from congregations. 
Conferences and interest 
groups, a "Proposal for Unified 
Governance of the National 
Setting of the United Church of 
Christ" was delivered by the 
Unified Governance (UGov) 
Working Group and has 
received approval to proceed 
from the UCC's Executive 
Council and the boards of the 
four Covenanted Ministries. 






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November 2010 

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Leader Link Celebrate Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

11/12/13 9:41 AM 

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